Laptop vs Tablet

It is essential for every average student to possess a personal computer. One can use it for research, essay writing and for communication. They can easily access social media just like the phones. A portable computer is essential as a student has to carry it from one class to another all day long. With the advanced technology, some students are choosing the tablet over the traditional laptop. However, this does not mean that the tablet is superior over the laptop. For this reason, here are some of the things to consider before going for laptops for college or a tablet for college too.


The laptop has been affordable for most students. This has been so due to the many designs available. Almost every average student can afford one. On the other hand, a tablet is not as cheap as perceived. This might be due to the limited companies involved in manufacturing it. Just because it is smaller than the laptop it does not mean it is cheaper.

Points awarded

Laptop 7/10

Tablet 3/10


A tablet is thin and very light to carry. It can fit on your handbag and you do not have to sweat while carrying it. A laptop can be relatively heavy. You have to get a big bag to carry it around. This can sometimes limit its portability especially if you intend to walk a lot.

Laptop 4/10

Tablet 3/10

Battery life

Laptops are known to have a high battery life unlike the tablets. In addition to battery with a tablet you can easily touch whatever you want to read. The laptop you have to highlight which takes more time.


Tablet 4/10



Laptops for college students are better than the tablets which have emerged due to new technology.Now you may consider going for a laptop or a tablet.

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